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ACTHUEL provides and coordinates training courses to help you carry out your communication and marketing projects:

pucecommunication: public speaking, "being an actor in the societal dialogue", "writing to be read: the techniques of journalistic wrinting", "communicating to anticipate and manage crises", "establising a strategy on social noetworks"
puce marketing tools: management of web tools, referencing, SEO, inbound marketing, sales challenges, internal-external motivation competitions, sales and method support
puce method training: group facilitation for collective intelligence, sustainable development plan (CSR)
puce tailor-made training: implementation of new dynamics, change of practice, project dynamics


Blandine THUEL is a referenced trainer at ADEFPAT - an expert in project support in rural areas.

The ADEFPAT, created in 1983, is a shared tool of the territories (communities of communes, PNR, PETR), economic actors (consular chambers, business clubs, etc.), departments and the Occitania region, contributing to the development of employment and activity in rural areas. In particular, it offers tailor-made support to private (companies, jobseekers, etc.) and public (local authorities, institutional players) project leaders, whatever their sector of activity and stage of development. Its three commitments: skills development, project progress, anchoring in the local ecosystem

Blandine THUEL and Marie-Laure CHABALIER are referenced within RESOLIA (Accompaniment and training of the Chambers of Agriculture network) on the themes of digital strategy, inbound marketing, crisis management and positive communication.

Marie-Laure CHABALIER is a certified "Collective Intelligence Facilitator", a change agent who spreads collaborative practices in organisations and among professionals.

Focus on...

"Writing to be read" training


If you are an agricultural player who writes texts for the agricultural newspaper, digital media (website, newsletter, etc.)?

If you want to be more effective in disseminating your technical information to as many people as possible?

Subscribe to this training and Learn how to change your angle in 2 days !





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