ACTHUEL has been supporting agricultural projects since 2009. Supply, distribution, cooperatives, trading, private, professional agricultural organizations,... our customers operate in different environments and with them we deal with a wide range of themes:


Promote your products

puce Implementation and development of a range of transformed products: market research, packaging and social media strategy

puce Support for a marketing strategy

puce Global store marketing: organization of the store, development of producers, setting up of packages, loyalty, social networks, opening campaign


Increase sustainability

puce Supporting agricultural practices in response to societal demands and in the face of climate change: seeds, farming techniques, innovation

puce Set up a circular economy sector project

puce Innovate, with the help of specific actions: creation of virtual tours, development of innovative tools, team building

puce Develop a CSR approach


Renewable energies

puce Information and consultation about agricultural projects: collective anaerobic digestion, wind power, agrivoltaics

puce Implementing a project management methodology

puceCarry out a thematic market study (benchmarking, opportunity study)



puce Improving the societal acceptabilité of projects: identifying stakeholders, establising the elements that can be agreed

puce Lead a steering committee

puce Implementing consultation tools: educational panels, information leaflets, website, consultation booklet, video, press, etc.

puce Report on the process

puce Evaluate the consultation

Focus on...

"Writing to be read" training


If you are an agricultural player who writes texts for the agricultural newspaper, digital media (website, newsletter, etc.)?

If you want to be more effective in disseminating your technical information to as many people as possible?

Subscribe to this training and Learn how to change your angle in 2 days !





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