ACTHUEL has been supporting agricultural projects since 2009. Supply, distribution, cooperatives, trading, private, professional agricultural organizations,... our customers operate in different environments and with them we deal with a wide range of themes:


Promote your products

puce Implementation and development of a range of transformed products: market research, packaging and social media strategy

puce Support for a marketing strategy

puce Global store marketing: organization of the store, development of producers, setting up of packages / Covid-19, loyalty, social networks, opening campaign


Increase sustainability

puce Supporting agricultural practices in response to societal demands and in the face of climate change: seeds, farming techniques, innovation

puce Set up a circular economy sector project

puce Innovate, with the help of specific actions: creation of virtual tours, development of innovative tools, team buildingpuce Develop a CSR approach



puce Completion of the first census of worlwide projects 

puce Writing about the pursuit of synergy in agricultural activity under photovoltaic panels

puce Feasibility study (technical, economic) for a given production

puce Experimentation and medium-term project monitoring

puce Promotion of projects by setting up dedicated communication tools (brochure, video testimonials, digital tools)

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Renewable energies

puce Information and consultation about agricultural projects: collective anaerobic digestion, wind power, agrivoltaism

puce Societal acceptability of projects: chairing of steering committee, project management and communication between stakeholders

puce Listening and bringing together of stakeholders (project leaders, partners, takeover, communities ...) by the implementation of a project management methodology

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UNPUBLISHED - Identifying the main applications of agrivoltaism

ACTHUEL and ARTIEX share the same enthusiasm for agrivoltaism and we hope to contribute to the expansion of these projects that are win-win for both the farmer and the territory. Our survey of existing projects, which is as detailed as possible, provides a strong development tool for the two sectors.


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