ACTHUEL is a project support agency exercising its skills in the heart of the agricultural (animal and plant sectors) and agri-food sectors. With ACTHUEL, you are choosing an external consultant involved in your structure. Together, let's go further:

Triangle2 puce thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sectors, the challenges of agriculture, the press, sustainable development and professional agricultural organizations
puce enriched by the diversity of our agricultural customers enabling us to understand all the economic, political, regulatory and sustainable elements of the projects
puce with readily available and diversely skilled experts providing efficiency and reactivity 

Focus on...

"Writing to be read" training


If you are an agricultural player who writes texts for the agricultural newspaper, digital media (website, newsletter, etc.)?

If you want to be more effective in disseminating your technical information to as many people as possible?

Subscribe to this training and Learn how to change your angle in 2 days !





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