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We put our specific know-how at your disposal with a single objective: to move your projects forward, both collective and individual. For this, we support you to increase the visibility of your company and your projects:

Triangle2    puce development of a structure communication strategy, multi-year action plans and support for implementation  
  puce 360° communication campaign
  puce implementation of internal communication tools (members of a structure, staff...)


puce management of professional and general public press relations
  puce creation and animation of adapted digital tools: website, social networks, corporate video
  puce highlighting the history of the companies, the Men and Women who have developed them 

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"Writing to be read" training


If you are an agricultural player who writes texts for the agricultural newspaper, digital media (website, newsletter, etc.)?

If you want to be more effective in disseminating your technical information to as many people as possible?

Subscribe to this training and Learn how to change your angle in 2 days !





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