Develop your strategies together

We put our specific know-how at your service with a single objective: to move your projects forward, both collective and individual. With you, we develop your strategies (marketing, product launch, structure development, ...):

puce formalize the marketing strategy for your structure's development projects
puce establish your marketing plans
puce analyze their performance, based on established indicators and adapt your action plans to achieve your objectives


For this, we identify the most suitable strategy and the means to implement it within your structure. Through method expertise, ACTHUEL supports and coordinates multidisciplinary teams.

Focus on...

"Writing to be read" training


If you are an agricultural player who writes texts for the agricultural newspaper, digital media (website, newsletter, etc.)?

If you want to be more effective in disseminating your technical information to as many people as possible?

Subscribe to this training and Learn how to change your angle in 2 days !





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