AGRIVOLTAISM: Identifying the main applications      

Althought still underdeveloped, agrivoltaism, the practice of combining agricultural activity with energy production, is finding its way.

While photovoltaics on non-agricultural land and wasteland is experiencing a significant development, agrivoltaic activity faces the double purpose of preserving the agricultural destination while providing an answer to global warming and its consequences (increase of hazards, adaptation of agricultural practices ,…) and additional solar energy production.

In order to contribute to the development of combining electricity production with agricultural practices, ACTHUEL and ARTIFEX have recently carried out as detailed a census as possible of existing projects around the world.


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UNPUBLISHED - Identifying the main applications of agrivoltaism

ACTHUEL and ARTIEX share the same enthusiasm for agrivoltaism and we hope to contribute to the expansion of these projects that are win-win for both the farmer and the territory. Our survey of existing projects, which is as detailed as possible, provides a strong development tool for the two sectors.


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